Toughened Glass Process

Toughened glass is a heat processed glass which is produced by heating an annealed glass to approximately 650°C (1202°F), at which point it begins to soften. The surfaces of this heated glass are then cooled and quenched rapidly.

The toughening process results in the powerful compressive stress of the outer skin. The interior of the glass secures tensile stress.

At KMC Glsaa Pvt. Ltd.,a highly sophisticated machinery is used for the toughening process.

The processing is carried out at different stages

Glass Cutting

At this stage, the raw glass is cut as per the requirement, using ceramic wheel cutting technology. Any type of glass can be cut using highly efficient machinery from china.

Glass Polishing

TAfter cutting, the glass is polished to remove the sharp edges. Nine types of polishing can be done depending upon the requirements and design features of the project.

Drilling and Milling

After polishing, the glass is processed through the drilling and milling machines to make holes and notches.
Our facility is well equipped with sophisticated machines which can process all irregular shapes.

Glass Washing

The glass is then washed using DM WATER to clean any dust particles. The glass is finally air dried using air blowers.

Toughening or Tempering

After washing, the glass is now ready for tempering.

At KMC Glass Pvt. Ltd., the tempering is done by machinery from NORTHGLASS, CHINA.

In this process, the glass is subjected to a temperature of around 780°C-800°C in an electric furnace depending upon the thickness of the glass. Such heated glass is then subjected to uniform controlled cooling by air blowers.

The tempered glass is four times stronger than the normal or annealed glass.


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